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A remodeling project will be a substantial change in the interior or exterior of your home. Remodeling is not merely an update or restoration as it goes with renovations. The terminology is more in line with a task like tearing down walls to open up a living room.

Enlarging or slightly relocating a kitchen and bathroom to another part of the home also falls within the category. A room addition is the more major improvement one could decide on for their home.

The goal of a remodel will differ per project. Most often it will be a homeowner’s desire to transform their home they already love into their dream. Real estate investors may see good potential for return on investment and decide to pursue a project to flip.

If considerable structural changes are to take place, expect an architect to be involved. They can also improve the design, functionality, and assist in modernizing your plans. Though an architect will bring the cost of a project up, what they can bring to the table will likely be well worth it.

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Our Customers

Joseph Sergio
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Home Resolution LLC performed a remodel on my home in the Summer of 2022. This was my first experience doing a renovation of any size on my house, but Benjamin did a great job communicating to keep me informed of the process and what to expect. The crew was professional and reliable throughout the project. There was always work being performed and I didn’t feel like we were ever overlooked or forgotten. It was very helpful having a contractor coordinating the plumber, electrician, etc. so that I didn’t have to worry about juggling everyone. Benjamin is honest and easy to work with and I would recommend his work/project management to anyone that needs to renovate their house.
Tonya Jones
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Home Resolutions LLC specialized in providing professional and great results. Easy estimates and worked well with me as the homeowner and was very detailed about the entire rebuilding of my home due to severe damages from Hurricane Ida. I was given detailed updates on the progress of the work that was being done. Overall my experience with Home Resolutions LLC was FANTASTIC!!
Gary Love
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I have known Ben for several years and he has done quite a few projects for me at my home. He replaced the carpet in my bedrooms and closets with wood floors, pressure washed my house and driveway, and several small repairs and maintenance jobs. I can highly recommend Ben for any of your home improvement needs you may have. He is a talented craftsman and very trustworthy.
Joyce Evans
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We had severe floor damage from a leaking toilet. Floor damage was extensive, our home is off the ground. Wood floor had to be torn out and replaced, double floor. Benjamin completed repair and replaced both wood floors, installed new toilet and new flooring in bathroom. We would highly recommend Benjamin for any home maintenance. We will be using him again for some other home projects. As a matter of fact, we just recommended Home Resolutions to an individual that said needed some home repair.
Tommy Daniel
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We recently hired Benjamin to do various improvements on our home. We were so impressed with the prompt communication, quality of workmanship, and reasonable prices. He went above and beyond what we had come to expect from contractors. Highly recommended!
Lillie Smith
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I will definitely recommend anyone to try this company. I was well pleased with the quality work that he did in my home. He remodeled my bathroom with new lighting put i a new wall sink vanity crown molding and light fixtures plus a new door. He did all this in one day. The price for his work was great and the work was fantastic. Thank you Mr. Ben I will be contacting you soon for the next project.
Robin Rutherford
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Best home repair experience I’ve had. Quality work from a reliable worker. For years I had some AC ductwork running across my ceiling to my back room. I hired Ben to box it in with Sheetrock and the results were amazing. Also, had him install underpinning under the house and couldn’t be more pleased with the results!
Tammy Oropesa
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I found Ben's website using a google search and since he already had such good reviews, we asked him to take down some old posts outside our office building. The good reviews will continue from us! He was prompt and the work was fairly priced. Called him back to patch up a large hole in one of our office ceilings and to make a backsplash for one of the kitchens. Both look fantastic and we are pleased with what he has done for us. We will definitely contact him first for work in the future.
Celesta Deter
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I highly recommend Ben at Riley Home Solutions. He has done several jobs on my home, including: removing an old storm door and custom fitting and hanging a new wooden door; installing ceiling light fixtures; repairing a wood floor; and installing door knobs that had to be custom fitted in my old french door. He responds quickly, is a great problem solver, did an excellent job and charges very reasonable prices.
Laurie Brian
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Benjamin Riley is by far the most honest, respectful and diligent guy we have dealt with since the flood!!!! I wish I would have found him from the beginning!!! I made a list, emailed it to him, he gave me an extremely reasonable quote, showed up on time and my list of projects was complete in two days!!! I highly recommend him to everyone!!!

When it comes to updating a home, we understand the sensitivity of the situation being that we have worked in many customers homes over a decade. Our goal when renovating a home is to set realistic expectations for customers when it comes to planning, scheduling, and the actual construction stage. Learn more about our process.

Home Additions

A newly built room or bump-out might just be the way to go instead of moving. Decks are an affordable option to extend the living areas of your home. We offer various add-on and outdoor structure options.

A Number of Options

Room & Closet

                      Outdoor Kitchen
Patio Cover

Do you have a lot of attic space that you could picture being your next bedroom or office? 

Converting an attic can be quite the undertaking. Sometimes this requires moving things around in the attic depending on how everything was laid out with electrical and HVAC. 

Carport to Garage or Garage to Livable Room

Remove some of your interior walls to open up your floor plan. It turns out sometimes an interior wall is non-structural and is a breeze to remove. Other times they are structural and  we’ll have to install some supportive framing members in the attic to make it happen.

Home Resolution LLC is a licensed and insured residential contractor that offers services for home remodeling and additions in Baton Rouge & New Orleans Metros as well as surrounding parishes. We offer total start-to-finish, turn-key service as a general contractor. Once committed to your project, we will handle the whole process of reaching the goal you have for your home while maintaining solid communication.