Our Process


This is where our journey begins to accomplish your goals with your home. Reach out to us to discuss your project through our contact form located on our Contact Us page or by a direct phone call or text by clicking the phone icon at the top of the page.


Let’s meet up at your home or property to talk more about your intended project and get to know each other. Feel free to us ask any questions regarding anything you might be unsure of. We typically do not charge a fee for this initial meeting, but we do in some circumstances especially if you don’t currently own the property you are interested to improve or repair.


We’ll discuss your workable budget and determine whether your improvement or repair is within that range by estimating.


What you have budgeted for your project may or may not line up with actual costs. Your budget has no influence on what we estimate a project to be and will help us possibly determine more quickly whether it will be sufficient for your goals.


If we provide an estimate it is only a rough price or price range and shouldn’t be confused with a proposal which is our total price which we eventually agree to contract on. 

Project Preparation

To start in the project preparation phase, we’ll need to start designing how your project will look. Of course, utilizing pictures that you have found in magazines, on social media, or from your friends home to get the idea.


At this point we will have worked out a payment arrangement for our company to be involved with your home improvement or repair project.


When it comes to our remodeling and addition services, we offer full design-build service. You may or may not require 3D renderings for your project, but at the very least we will need to work up floor plans  to work with for obtaining a permit and for construction. 

Finish Selections

It’s time to pick out all the items that will finish your home. We will be coordinating and communicating on selecting all the materials that will be built into your project.


If your project is substantial such as a kitchen, bathroom remodel, or total home renovation then you can expect to be setting some time aside to work on this portion of the project with us. We’ll be giving our best recommendations on products we have good experiences with. 


All things considered, we will establish an order of expectation to complete tasks throughout the project. Along with the order of tasks we will set a progress payment plan that will establish a healthy amount of payments to keep the project operating and running properly. 


We will also be communicating with subcontractors and suppliers for materials and finishes to plan the project.


As your Contractor, we’ll be pulling all the necessary permits associated with your project to ensure your everything being built at minimum according to local codes and guidelines. The building inspector will be checking all the work in intervals. 


During scheduling we’ll confirm everyone is on the same page with dates and times for throughout the project. Committing to a timeframe to carry out projects is important.


We’ll be coming up with start and finish dates as well as confirming availability and expected delivery time for any speciality materials or finishes.

Proposal Writing

We’ll be working through the project preparation phase with the intention of sticking to your original budget range. When it comes to keeping within budget, it’s important that we establish some allowance amounts from the beginning and stick to particular costs for materials and finishes. 


As we have progressed through your project we have become solid on what our subcontractors and suppliers costs are and are ready to write and present our final project proposal to you.


As the project preparation phase comes to a close, we will join all the details we’ve collected thus far in the process to write our construction contract. You will take time with us to review the contract drafts and let us know if there are any issues or discrepancies you may have found that need to be addressed. We will submit our final draft to an online signature software which will allow you to sign through an online portal. 

Material Acquisition

When we have entered into the construction contract, that is when Home Resolution LLC will start ordering materials and finish selections that will be built into your project. We’ll be arranging the right materials to be on-site at the right times and in some cases all the materials and finishes may all be stored on site, waiting to utilized as the project progresses.

Unfortunately,  finish items and materials that were selected in the finish selection stage can sometimes become unavailable by this time. If that’s the case than we will reference the set allowance amount and consider other items for a finish. 

Project Management

Home Resolution LLC will be coordinating between all parties involved with the project to strive to meet the requirements to fulfill the contract. We will be communicating regularly with you about any updates, problems, or changes. Management will be informed on current progress by physically being on-site at times and by pictures and video.


We will be keeping a close watch on our pre-planned schedule in our project management software to ensure we are on schedule to meet important markers and deadlines. 


This involves removing any existing cabinetry, appliances, fixtures, flooring, and other elements that are being replaced or modified. Now that everything is cleared out, we’ll start preparing the space for the next stages.


This is the stage which was being prepared for all long. Subcontractors will be coming on and off site on a daily basis to demo things as they were and build them according to the set plan. We will be committing to order, cleanliness, and safety throughout your project. Problems or changes may occur but we will address those as quickly as possible to keep the machine running smoothly to produce your desired outcome for your home. 




When the dust has settled and the bulk of the project has been completed, then we will address the final remaining items. Sometimes some small items may slip by, so please be patient with us as we wrap up the construction phase of your project. Be assured, we are committed to your project from start to finish.


We will perform any final touches, adjustments, and cleanup to ensure that the project has been finished up according to plan and ready for us. This may involve installing trim, hardware, and accessories, checking for any remaining issues or deficiencies, and thoroughly cleaning up the space.

Final Walkthrough

Home Resolution LLC will meet with you in your new home to confirm everything according to the contract and plans has been completed in full and you are satisfied with what’s been done. As we conclude, we fully intend to walk away from your project not only as some contractor who improved your home, but as a reliable and trustworthy friend who saw things through for your betterment.