Bathroom Remodeling Project by Home Resolution LLC - Baton Rouge, LA

Out with the old, In with the new

 Many folks move into older homes that need work. Our project here was bathroom which was decades outdated. We were glad to take on this bathroom remodeling project from start to finish. 

Our client had a clear vision as to what they wanted to achieve in their bathroom space with keeping to the floor plan. The primary updates were the tub, linen storage, and vanity areas. This would entail some heavy demolition in the room as the walls were very thick tile and mortar, 1960s style.

An updated bathroom is something we all could use in our day to day life. Renovating it to a modern style and to our own tastes is very important.

 We demo’d the old linen closet, vanity, tub, and wall / floor tiles. The toilet was removed and set aside to be re-used. Most of the sheetrock and ceiling above the tile was decided to be kept. The light fixtures and medicine cabinet were sent to the landfill abyss.

The tile work that contractors installed back in the day was quite durable. With the green wall tile and the cement underneath being roughly a 1″ thick the walls proved to be the most difficult part of the demolition.

As a licensed and insured residential contractor in Louisiana, Home Resolution LLC accomplishes many home improvement projects in Baton Rouge, LA, and surrounding cities. Consider our professional services to get a bathroom remodeling project like this done in your home. 

Expect the unexpected

The project moved along smoothly for considering the general delay of shipping on materials and fixtures during this time for the economy. Our client had ordered all the fixtures and finishes for the project beforehand so we had most everything besides the installation materials which we would supply throughout. 

When it came to the bathtub that was ordered, we found out it was a non-standard make that wouldn’t fit the bathroom alcove space as it was laid out originally. We were able to recoup fast and obtain a tub that would work the same day


Also, it turned out that the framing behind the tub was termite damaged previously and we had to get it in good repair before we started working on the tub. Once repaired, the tub was set then, valve installed and water and drainage connections were made by our licensed plumber.

A pre-existing clog issue in the laundry drainage line started to occur in the middle of the renovation. Though there was one thing after another related to the plumbing we go it through it and headed for the finish line.

Some Minor Tweaks

Some framing had to be done to fit the new medicine cabinet. The vent for the dryer ran through the old vanity and our client chose to maintain that through the new cabinet. 

Up To Snuff


Putting It All Together

Soon to be the new linen shelving area

A Clean New Look

Manufactured base cabinet with custom floating shelves

Final Touches

Time to grout the tile, set the toilet, install the tub surround, then caulk and paint.

Much Better

Home Resolution LLC is a licensed and insured residential contractor (lic. #886840) that offers remodeling in the Greater Baton Rouge area. We offer total start-to-finish, turn-key service as a general contractor for remodeling homes. Once committed to your project, we will handle the whole process of reaching the goal you have for your home while maintaining solid communication. 

Bathroom Remodeling Project by Home Resolution LLC - Baton Rouge, LA