Home Resolution LLC is a Baton Rouge-based go-to contractor company for all trade improvements and repairs. We are properly licensed and insured in the state of Louisiana, LIC #: 886840, to perform residential construction work over $75,000 and light commercial work up to $50,000. As a general contractor our main focus is residential remodeling and renovation work but we also take on major repair projects. 

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When it comes to updating a home, we understand the sensitivity of the situation being that we have worked in many customers homes over a decade. Our goal when renovating a home is to set realistic expectations for customers when it comes to planning, scheduling, and the actual construction process.

Our process for achieving a medium to large sized residential construction contract with our customers generally entails first meeting for consultation to get an overview of their project. When we have that information we provide them an approximate cost projection of what they are looked to accomplish. Once they have come to an understanding of a realistic expectation of price range, then we will move on to a pre-construction project preparation agreement with us so that we can specify all the details that will be included in our contract to prepare for construction. 

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We stress professionalism and skilled craftsmanship to accomplish our customers goals for their home or real estate. The aim of our company is to perform our work with punctuality, professionalism, and with excellent communication. 

We are a Christian based company which means that we intend to glorify Jesus Christ in all construction work and business relations. Providing at the end of a project what was stated at the beginning means everything to us as we’re about keeping our word to exemplify uttmost integrity to our employees, customers, and community to best showcase and represent the gospel and our faith in it. 


Founder & Contractor

Benjamin Riley has over a decade of experience in home improvements. Earlier on he obtained employment in various trades such as roofing, plumbing, carpentry, and concrete and was also mentored by a local home builder.

After gaining industry experience, he started out as a sole proprietor service repair technician in 2014 and completed hundreds of satisfactory projects. He established Home Resolution LLC in 2018 to expand into contracting to build larger projects for customers.

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